Current Projects

Past Projects

1BRS Molecular model analysis of the Barnase-Barstar complex. Paper (draft)
Linux Netfilter Tutorial of the Linux 2.4.x Netfilter package.
Visible Human Program to convert Visible Human Project files to JPG. download
LCDstat This program puts system statistics onto a 2x10 lcd panel.
Joe Sunday wrote the driver for linux while I wrote the front end.
Biochemical Investigation into an object oriented representation of simple biochemical pathways. In 1998, my roommate Travis and myself begun mirroring the Linux kernel archives.
We are currently one of the fastest and most active mirrors.
Indy 5000
Document on how to install IRIX onto an R5000.
Network Upgrade The network upgrade consists of replacing the 10Mbs 1900 series
Catalyst switches with new 2924's from the recent Cisco donation.
We are also involved in the beta testing of a Nebula 8000 from
Performance Technologies Inc. The Nebula will become the distribution
point for our network. It contains quad gigabit uplinks with 100Mbs
fault tolerent switching to every port.
Take a look at the new proposal.
CSH Events Collection of past CSH events.
Seminar Series:

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