Projects are an integral part of the living, learning experience at Computer Science House. This is a small sample of notable projects that our members have created:


Drink and Snack are two of CSH's oldest projects. Networked vending machines allow members to order items from any internet browser using a credits system. A timer can also be specified to delay the release of a purchased item.

One Project Per Freshman

One Project Per Freshman looks to put the necessary tools in the hands of freshman to enable them to learn more about hardware electronics projects without a financial investment on their part. In its current form, incoming freshman members are given the choice between a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino with a starter kit to tinker with throughout the year.

Schedule Maker

Schedule Maker allows RIT students to plan their schedule for upcoming semesters. Users simply enter their course numbers and custom events and a list of all schedules that match their parameters will be shown. Because it is so easy and simple, Schedule Maker is now used by over 90% of RIT students.

CSH Arcade

Two CSH members built this arcade cabinet from scratch. It emulates many classic arcade games from varying consoles and supports multiplayer. A second cabinet featuring a custom-made platforming game was also built. Both machines, along with other arcade cabinets CSH has acquired, are housed in our Library.


With Harold, every member of CSH gets his or her own theme song. After a user uploads either their song or playlist to Audiophiler, all they have to do is touch their iButton or RFID tag (received upon membership) to the appropriate reader.


InfoSys is a multi-purpose display board located in our User Center. It is capable of displaying weather statistics, custom messages, and even real-time player data from video games.


EventLCD is a project using an Arduino Ethernet and LCD character display to show upcoming events in a location from a shared Google Calendar.