Soft Calendar

Skyler Clark November 27, 2017

Soft calendar is an Android app that helps keep Google Calendars clean and organized, making an easy to view checklist of events and their due dates. It is integrated with Google Calendar, so when you want to commit to an event, just select it from the list and push it to your calendar!

Soft calendar was the first Android app I’ve ever built, and with it came a lot of challenges. In all honesty, I would say that the hardest step was configuring my development environment, and learning about how Android Studio worked. After that, I had to learn about how the Google Calendar API worked, how authentication worked, how to pass data through forms, how to save user input, (and fix all of the bugs that naturally crop up along the way when you have no idea what you’re doing!)

I came up with the idea during my first week or so of school, when there were a ton of things to do all happening at the same time, and I was a little overwhelmed. My soft calendar idea was so I could make a visual representation of the things I wanted to do without having to clutter my Google Calendar with things that I may or may not end up at. The irony is that coding the soft calendar actually ended up taking up all my time, as opposed to going places, rendering the whole thing pretty counterintuitive!

But all things considered, working on an Android app really taught me a lot about how to work on (and finish!) a project instead of just going halfway and leaving it unfinished forever. Though I wouldn’t recommend working on an Android app as a first project, it was really a worthwhile experience regardless. You can see all of the source on my GitHub page If you think it’s cool, or that you could use something like this in your life, you can download it right onto your phone from the releases

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