Resume Review

Ram Zallan April 30, 2018


Resume Review is a web app written for CSHers to upload their resumes and receive feedback on them. Members can prepare for career fairs, company visits, and job applications by running their resumes by their peers, requesting specific changes or just asking for general opinions.

The site allows for the upload of PDF files, and reinforces good file naming practices. Members can comment on posts, and comments can be threaded to allow for direct responses to feedback. Once posted, users can leave comments on their own resumes to act as a description, if they want to denote things like past versions, recent changes, etc. Members can also delete their own resumes or comments if they choose to.

The homepage of Resume Review

The homepage shows a list of recently posted resumes, so users can browse through people looking for review on their resumes.

Technical Details

Resume Review is the first project that I’ve made using Express, a Node.js framework. It runs on CSH’s OpenShift Origin cluster, and uses our internal S3 to store files. The site uses a PostgreSQL database for storing resume metadata and comments. It’s also the first Node.js project to use CSH’s OpenID Connect authentication.

Resume Review can be found at, and even though the site itself is behind CSH authentication, its source code is open source on GitHub.

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