Welcome to Adam's Home Page

I've written a few programs (for fun or school) which I have released to the net. They are free for the taking. Most programs were created on a Sun running Solaris 1.x/2.x in C or Perl. A few were made in LabVIEW (on a PC). Only the LabVIEW programs are made for Windows. Everything else is made for Unix.

All files have been tar'd and compressed using the GNU gzip program.

See what happens when I'm forced to use a PC running Microsoft® Windows®!


It took me 3 years, but I finally received my Master's degree from R.I.T.! While the degree was officially from the Computer Science department, it was more like 60% comp. sci. and 40% imaging science.

Just as a side note, in addition to going to R.I.T. for graduate studies, I also went there for my undergraduate studies as well (couldn't get enough pain I guess). How many people can say the dorm floor they lived on has its own web site?

My Master's project involved comparing various pattern searching algorithms. If you are interested in this sort of thing, I invite you to take a look.


Years ago, some friends and I decided to create a magazine called Drivel. We set out to create an eclectic magazine featuring articles of all different types (funny, serious, weird, artsy, etc.) It would be in the model of the free magazines you see in downtown shops.

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work. After years of hard work and toiling with our blood, sweat, & tears, we have produced...1 issue.

We would have made more, but, er, we got busy. Yea, that's it, we were busy! We had, uh, school and work and stuff. I know it sounds like a zany story, but really, it's the truth.

Originally, we were going to print our magazine and distribute it downtown (that being downtown Rochester, NY). When we discovered the web, we converted it to HTML. Anyway, I can't say if we'll ever have another issue, but the one issue we did write has been archived.


You can email me PGP encrypted messages if you are feeling paranoid. My public key is accessable.

Last updated: 01/21/08