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Crack Baby on Board

So you think you saved some souls from the devil. Well, killing Dr. Gunn (a cowardly shot in the back - why couldn't you walk up to him and blow his face off) should save some babies from his evil hands. Somehow shooting all abortion doctors won't get the job done.

Dry cleaners will never switch to plastic hangers, its just not cost effective. The problem does not lie in the method, just the means - or something like that. You see, you sick holier-than-thou snert, all those women aborting fetuses don't do it because its a convenient form of birth control. They just make poor choices. The pro-choice and pro-life groups really shouldn't be that far apart. They both ideally want the choice to be not getting pregnant. Too many find out about pre-conception choices after visiting a clinic to get information about abortions. Oh sure, abortions can be minimized through adoption - YES that will do it. There are thousands of people on waiting lists desperately trying to adopt. Let that sinner at least carry her baby to term and then give it to some nice loving couple. The simple elegance. But wait, why are people on waiting lists now. There is always news about orphaned babies - why aren't they adopted. They aren't adopted because the people on waiting lists want new born healthy pink babies, not shuddering sorry little premie crack babies.

The media blitz is on - you too can get a crack baby. Don't be last upwardly mobile young couple in your country club to have your very own crack baby. Get yours while you still can. Slap that placard in the rear window of your new beamer - Crack Baby on Board. You're the envy of the town. And the abortion problem is solved.Paragraph End Symbol

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