This is a Pentium®...
[picture of normal PentiumŪ chip]
This is a Pentium® running Microsoft® Windows®!
[picture of damaged PentiumŪ chip]

Not only was the chip destroyed, but several other pieces were slightly toasted...

Frame Buffer (in PC talk, a video card)...
[picture of damaged frame buffer]
(Note the cracked chip on the video board)
[closeup of cracked chip on video board]

Memory board...
[picture of damaged memory board]

And finally the Motherboard...
[picture of the front of the damaged motherboard]
(closeup of damaged area on the front side)
[closeup of damaged area on the front side]
(closeup of damaged area on the back side)
[closeup of damaged area on the back side]

Everything on the PC was destroyed. The full list:
  1. Power Supply
  2. Motherboard (including the Pentium® chip)
  3. All memory boards
  4. Video board
  5. SCSI board
  6. ZIP drive
  7. Hard drives
  8. CD-ROM drive
  9. Floppy drive
  10. Keyboard & Mouse (yes, even the keyboard and mouse)

To give credit where it's due, the PC did one final...last...brave act before dying. Trying to be more useful in death, then it had ever been in life (a PC running Windows®), it stuck out the CD tray so that it could become a cup holder.