Configuring the Polycom IP500 SIP Phone To Work With Asterisk

I had a tough time configuring the IP500 to work with my Asterisk installation, but with the assitance of The VoIP Wiki's Polycom Page and with the help of Eric Smith's page, I was able to get my phone working. The particular error we are interested in solving is the:
Jan 17 15:34:31 NOTICE[2245]: chan_sip.c:7531 handle_request:
Registration from '<sip:>' failed for ''

Interestingly, when this happens, you can make outbound calls but get an error in Asterisk when receiving calls.
Be sure you read the above Wiki page, and configure your sip.conf and extensions.conf as the second, non-peer suggestion.

Then, follow these steps:

  • Do not put any config data inside sip.cfg, phone1.cfg, etc.
  • On the IP500 (1.3.1) go to menu, settigns, SIP configuration. The default admin password is 456
  • Set the server address to the Asterisk machine
  • Set the server port to 5060 (unless you are running on a non-default port)
  • Set the lookup to Naptr
  • Register to "No"
  • Leave outbound address blank
  • Leave outbound port blank
  • Set RFC hold to Yes
  • Hit SEL on line 1
  • Set the display name to anything you want
  • Set the address to the section name you configured in Asterisk's sip.conf (ie, "1001" or "IP500Phone1")
    You should see the phone register correctly now on the Asterisk side.