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Adam Fletcher
Somerville, Ma.


Rochester Institute of Technology 1996 - 2000
Rochester, NY.

Work Experience

Site Reliability Engineer Google 2011-Present

Operations Architect ITA Software 2006-2011

Director, Information Technology PowerSteering Software 2003-2006

Software Engineer, Banta Integrated Media 2003
Cambridge, MA

Worked on numerous small and medium sized custom development projects which integrated with Banta’s enterprise content management system, B*Media. Each project came out of extensive customer interaction, including workflow analysis and assessment. Provided development-tier support for several Fortune 500 companies in the heavily deadline-driven publishing industry. This branch of Banta was sold in summer 2003.

Software Engineer, Rovia, Inc. December 2000 – December 2002
Cambridge, MA

Developed front end and client code for two Rovia products, the Rovia RovReader and ShareSafe. Both products are information use management applications that work in a client server architecture. Primary tasks included scripting front-end technologies to interoperate, communicating needs with the server team and design and implementation of new client-side features.

Systems Architect, Rovia, Inc. December 2000 – December 2002
Cambridge, MA

Architected and managed large-scale 3-tier ASP infrastructure with high-availability clustered services and hot-spare databases. This system utilized a heterogeneous mix of operating systems and hardware, including Cisco switching equipment, Linux based firewalls, load balancers and application servers, as well as Solaris web servers and database servers. Services provided included:

Contractor, BBN, Inc. Spring 2000
Cambridge, MA

Developed a Perl and Java JDBC application to feed data from various data sources into an LDAP database for BBN's Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) initiative.

UNIX Administrator, BBN, Inc. Summer and Fall 1999, Summer 1998
Cambridge, MA

One of a team of administrators responsible for a large group (150+ machines) of production Solaris servers. Responsible for installation, troubleshooting software problems, writing scripts, monitoring, and other day-to-day administration task.



Operating Systems: Solaris 8, Linux (SuSE, Debian, RedHat), OpenBSD, Windows (All)

Packages: iptables, keepalived, ipvs, Apache, AOLServer, Perl, awk, sed, vi, LATEX typesetting language, ssh, Kerberos v5, tripwire, Nmap and other security auditing tools, SecurID, CVS, DiskSuite, Visual Studio, gcc, Solaris Jumpstart, rrdtool+cricket, MySQL, Bugzilla, SAMBA, Tomcat, DHCP, NFS, DNS (bind), IDDS LDAP, Veritas Volume Manager, Bugzilla

Languages: C, C++, Java, Perl, SQL, JavaScript, XSLT

Theory: TCP/IP networking, UNIX systems programming (sockets, named pipes, FIFOs, signals), object oriented design, digital logic, distributed systems, genetic algorithms, network routing and switching, team development, team administration, bug tracking & triage

Hardware: PCs, Macintosh, Sun Ultra SPARCs, Sun Storage Arrays, Cisco switching equipment, Cisco PIX firewalls


Layout Editor 1998 - present
Hell's Kitchen Rochester, NY.
www.hellskitchen.org/gdt with volumes at www.hellskitchen.org/gdt/pdf

Editor for a weekly satire magazine based out of Rochester, NY. Laid out magazine using QuarkXpress 4.1 and Adobe InDesign. Worked with other editors to manage content and distribution on strict weekly deadlines.

Researcher, Information Systems Fall 1998 - Winter 1998

With Dr. Victor Perotti, designed and coded software to simulate the evolution of complex organizations (corporations, schools, etc.), based on and extending John H. Miller's 1995 paper Evolving Information Processing Organizations.

Computer Science House CS Seminar Series September 1997 - March 1998
Computer Science House, Rochester, NY.

Organized a lecture series for topics in computer science. Guest speakers from universities and industry lectured on parallel computing, DNA computing, complexity and computability and other issues in modern computer science.

Computer Science House OS Seminar Series Spring 1997
Computer Science House, Rochester, NY.

Organized a lecture series for topics in operating systems. Guest speakers from universities and industry lectured on BSD, VMS, Windows NT, Mach, Linux, BeOS and other operating systems.

Hobbies Chess (1553 USCF), rock climbing, literature, guitar.