So you Got Bats!

I want you to imagine a room with a white wall in front of you, and a white wall behind you. Now on the wall in front of you, imagine a Giant bat, with little bat minions floating around him. Think about a bat like this:

Now that that is established imagine he has little bat minions flying around him. Behind you is a castle with serveral towers that don't look as sturdy as the could be. Well, pointed at those towers are several Plushy Bat Launching cannons, and they are going to shoot bats at the towers until all of the towers fall down. You will be able to watch the Bat minions fly off the screen and then fly at you in REAL LIFE!

Well shoot! Awesome! But what do I do?

If you manage to block the bats coming at you, and catch them, then you can take those plush bats and throw them at the big Bat boss in front of you! Its a game of Dodge Ball brought to the next level. Dodging computerized cannons throwing adorable bats at your new castle home. The big Bat will get bigger as he approaches and if you don't take him out he will destroy your newfound home!

Hopefully, provided a large enough room, and several cannons, I would love to take my recent experience with Kinect and make this a reality. Or at least make it in VR. either way I hope I can make something from this that is fun for kids, and satisfying to play.

-Aidan McInerny