Construct isn't Quite CSH...

The construct is a neat place on the RIT campus that allows you to take advantage of mostly free 3D printing and other great assets. Fortunatly for me though, I don't need to utilize the Construct as I already have a great place to go for these kinds of things! Computer Science House(CSH)

CSH currently has FOUR 3D printers that people can use for free! Also, this is a service of being a member of CSH, meaning that maximum 60 other people can compete for time instead of 16,000. Realisticly I believe I have only ever seen two of the four 3D printers being used at a single time.

On top of the 3D Printers CSH has fully equipped woodshop. This means that even at 2AM you can happily build a new shelf for your Dorm Room. This is something that is hard to beat, especially considering the free and abudent wood. The wood shop comes equiped with Table Saw, Ban Saw, Chop Saw, Belt Sander, Hammers, Drills, Screws, bolts, vice grips, you name it! And luckily for me, if there is something that isn't there that I want I can have it ordered for free!

Lastly, the coolest part for me is the access to Soldering stations and many(I do mean many!) digital ICs that are already at CSH. This is great if you want to try a new project and you just don't own the right parts, but also don't want to wait 1-8 weeks for parts to ship.

-Aidan McInerny