Educational Background

In Progress:

Bachelor's of Science In Game Design & Development

I am currently in my second year at Rochester Institute of Technology studying Game Design & Development as my major. My current expected graduation date is Spring 2016, which is one year ahead of schedule. The Game Design & Development degree at RIT focuses heavily on programming while also ensuring that its students are well versed in design principles. I constantly work on group projects for class developing board games, animations, simulations, and video games. I help create several Game Design Documents and am comfortable with the process.

Minor In Computer Engineering

My interests in lower level programming have led me to pursure a minor in the field of Computer Engineering. I have explored the world of Digitial System Design and discrete logic. I am currently working to apply this knowledge to enhancement my design and development of board games that could utilize discrete logic. Upon learning that games were originally created in Assembly, and that even up till the PS3 era at least some games still used in-line assembly I have decided to take an Assembly Language Programming course. I am looking forward to learning how to control hardware on the lowest levels possible to maximize performance.

Minor In Philosophy

I utilize philosophy as my outlet for serious critical thinking. Assuring that I will have to think deeply about a subject daily is important to me. Delving into the philosophy world has helped enlighten my appreciation for world of literature. I plan to apply much of my critical thinking to the development of thoughtful story and plot in games. This minor has also helped give me experience in the world of debate and discussion with people who I disagree with. A valuable thing I have learned from my many discussions is that although I attempt to convince somebody to my side, I always respect whatever decision or conclusion that person comes to.


DigiPen Institute of Technology WaNIC program

The WaNIC program is engineered to allow students in High School to learn a specific set of skills in some field. The WaNIC program that I attended was 3 hours long and supposed to replace half of the standard High School day. The focus of this program was to learn C++, linear algebra, and game development. Projects included creating a matrix library, weekly game submissions, and simulating the solar system. This course began my interest in programming and set me on the path I am now.