Aidan McInerny
Game Design & Development


My name is Aidan McInerny, a student studying Game Design & Development at Rochester Institute of Technology(RIT). I am currently in my second year at RIT and on track to graduate one year early. I have worked on many projects during my time at RIT both for class and on my own. I have often been the team leader but openly welcome a development position. I am a large fan of problem solving and I know I can solve any problem in any language if reference material is available.


I am actively looking for a position in the game development industry, hoping to become a part of the world that has influenced my life so much. After I started the 8th grade I started to attend DigiPen Institute of Technology through various programs that they offered. At first it was their high school summer camps and escalated to their High School program. During my Junior year in high school I decided to attend Digipen for half my classes. Every day of the week for an entire year I spent three hours creating matrix libraries, games, and solving programing puzzles in C++. Through this experience I also had the opportunity to work for DigiPen's ProjectFUN program as a teacher for the same courses I had taken just a year earlier.

The Future & The Present:

Moving forward in my college life I have been taken on many interests. I have found a secret love for lower level architecture and implementation. When someone says LED to me I think about discrete logic, not an arduino. When someone says allocate memory to me I think about loading addresses and sizes into registers with assembly. I gained these interests through my love of consoles and appreciation for how video games used to be made. I acquired a Famicom just so I could appreciate all of the games they made in Assembly that I could make in 10 hours using C# or Unity.

I am hoping to find a job in which I can not only influence the video game itself, but in how the user interfaces with the media content. I am not afraid to get down and control the hardware with some inline assembly. I am excited to find memory leaks and fix them. Through this, I also wish to create user/developer interfaces where people can create whatever they want without bringing their system to its knees.