Work History

Amazon Software Development Engineer Intern

Fall 2015

My work at Amazon has been some of the most influential on my programming career. I was tasked with designing a framework in c++ that was to be deployed to iOs and Android. This forced me into a new position, as I had never done professional scale mobile development, let alone platform-indpendent development. I found a lot of neat quirks with c++ and had to think outside the box when it came to a lot of the nice things I had adapted to after c++/cx. I preseravered though and ended up creating a reactive design model and framework in c++ and corresponding API that worked at incredible speeds compared to the competitors.

Microsoft Software Development Engineer Intern

Summer 2015

At Microsoft I was challenged to work on a universal aplication for Windows 10 before it was launched. It was great to work inside of one of the cutting edge design paradigms that microsoft had created for their new application suite. It was drastically different than anything I could have expected though, I was thrown into a world of lambdas and smart pointers. I was used to the update loop of game development. I had to dive deep and learn fast if I was to accomplish anything. I onboarded quickly and poured through the code base and got a working prototype of my project done in the first two weeks. The rest of the internship fell into place as I learned and grew inside the coding enviornment. I learned great coding practices that I would continue to take with me in my programming journey.

DigiPen Institute of Technology

Summers 2012 - 2014

DigiPen Institute of Technology is one of the leading colleges for Game Development education. After my time attending their high school program I found myself able to work with their K-12 summer camp. I started as a Teacher's Assistant my first summer there. This entailed a lot of debugging of other peoples code and working with a Senior in DigiPen's Real Time Interactive Simulation Program. I learned a lot from doing this, always asking questions about what my fellow employees were doing at school.

My next Summer with the ProjectFUN program allowed me to be a Teacher instead of a Teacher's assistant. I found myself creating new curriculum, changing lessons, and modifying material as to better the education process of my students. I taught mostly 8-12th graders and found I could connect with them well because I had been a Senior in High School one month before. I enjoyed teaching my students and exploring which activities and lessons they could learn from most.

My Last summer at DigiPen entailed a much different experience. I was one of few veterans of the ProjectFUN program. I found myself working with Teaching Assistant's of all ages and backgrounds. Some of them had already received Bachelor's degrees in other fields and had decided to come back to college and pursue a new degree. I made sure to draw from all of them as valuable resources of knowledge. My time at ProjectFUN that summer I had a lot more power and a lot more capability to rewrite curriculum. I turned a class about using a 2D Game Engine into making one. DigiPen wanted to offer a new course as well, AP Computer Science for 5-7th graders. They decided to have me teach and develop all of the lesson plans. I developed a fairly enticing course that was able to entertain the mind of young students.