Team Focused Success

As part of my game design & development education I am required to work on many group projects. These projects have served to push me above and beyond what I am "expected" to know about team based work. In addition to many of the school projects that I have worked on, I have always strive to work on team projects in my free time as well. In pursuing my education in computer engineering, I have lost a lot of time to work on games in my free time. This means I have less time to focus on the different aspects that go into making a full game. The way I compensate for this is by recruiting and forming teams to move forward in production. Two projects which started from class work, Battle Oxen and Block 'Em Out, started as class projects that evolved into so much more. Both these games had plans for the 2015 RIT Innovation fair to be showcased to large groups of people. With lots of hard work and motivation I lead a team of three people, two programmers and one artist, to complete Battle Oxen to a completely polished point. Check out its page to see what it has evolved into. Block 'Em Out started as a three man project but for the final production phase transformed into a two man project. Unfortunately there were difficulties with our 3D-printer and the project couldn't be finished in time.

Solo Research & Development

Although I am fond of group work I am still actively developing things on my own. This is to further my skills without hampering others while doing so. Topics I have been exploring on my own are most often related to my computer engineering minor due to its general lack of group work. Fooling around with assembly to see what sort of tasks I can accomplish serves to satisfy my thirst to know more about how a computer works. I have been working with C and Arduino C to enhance my hardware integration skills. In addition to that I took up a project to learn Node.js and developed a web scraper so that I could do my own analytic data on Destiny player's. This data is stored in a mySQL database. This was an important learning project as the scraper had flaws and scraped 1,200,141 players before I had to stop it from running(there was a memory leak in a library I was using).

I continue to work on game engine design and development on the side to try and build the most friendly game creation environment I can. My goal with this is to eventually be able to start an online tutorial to teach children programming while they make a cool game at the same time.