Battle Oxen
2D Platform Brawler

Fun and Simple Design

Battle Oxen, or BOXen, is a game engineered to be fun, fast paced, and for all audiences. The Game features a simplistic yet fun art style that was inspired by some children's games and popular mobile games. Battle Oxen was creatued using Unity 2D so that the game could take advantage of all of Unity's build in physics features.

Splash Screen for the Battle Oxen Game

Multi-Player Fun

Gif that shows gameplay

Battle Oxen's gameplay is focused around a fun multiplayer setting with support of up to four players using gamepads. This allows for couch multiplayer to occur and through testing proved to be quite enjoyable. The best way to imagine Battle Oxen is to first think about a game like Super Smash Bros, and then turn on as many throwing items as you can. Battle Oxen has multiple kinds of thr style=""owing blocks and is gaining more as production continues. As development continues on Battle Oxen new features are going to be added. Features such as character select, stage select, and online multiplayer are all within scope of the project. To view the source code for this project, head over to my github and view the source. An executable version will be availiable shortly. If yout are curios about what the relative design for this game was check out our one page design doc.

Characters from Battle Oxen