3D Puzzle Action
With a Cubical Twist

Making You Think In 3D

Cube around is a 2D pathfinding puzzle game taken to the third dimension. Players are forced to think about the problem at hand in 3D. Possible solutions to the puzzle presented exist in a myriad ways, but by taking it one more dimmension we create an enviornment where players must think about edge cases, literally. Edge blocks are used as a way to work around the faces as well as to get between them. Having to hit every point tile while managing edges could either be your biggest victory, or worst failure.

On The Hush-Hush

Unfortunatly this project is just in its beggining and is currently being kept on the down-low in a private repo. If you want to learn more about this project keep checking out this website. It will be updated with code examples, screenshots, concepts, and one page design documents as things are created.

Splash Screen for the Battle Oxen Game