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A conventional Deck Builder...

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Magic The Appering Deck Builder provides users with an easy to use Deck Building interface. This application also works entirely off line without storing any images locally. This means that the software does not take up all of your hard drive storage to save the tens of thousands of magic cards that there are. Even better is that if your computer is connected to the internet than the application will fetch the images for the cards so that you can view the cards you want. Find this on my github page to download and view the source.

... With a Fun Feature

This application has a print function. Yup. If you are tired of buying cards and are playing with a group okay with proxy cards, just build your deck and click print. It will automatically export in an easy to cut out file that is ready to be printed. This is not to be used to gain any kind of profit in any way and should never be used to play in any kind of tournament.