Sheryl Crow Homepage

Good news, this site has just been awarded a "3-star site" standing in Magellan, which basically means...

There once was this site called Magellan,
they found that their page wasn't sellin',
So they gave phony awards
In hopes that the hoards
of people would fucking advertise for them.

The Sheryl Crow homepage formerly at this site has been nuked. I got too much annoying email from people asking me for her phone number, nude photos, etc.. So I got pissed off and deleted everything. I know what you're thinking: "Oh, what a shame!" Guess what? I don't care!!!

Just for your enjoyment, I thought I'd include one of the posts that showed up in my mailbox. Here it is. I've deleted the email address and phone number this person included.

Natasha  says:

I am for one thing 
a shemale 
that really finds your voice beautiful!! 
something there that pulls my heart 
some men(most;) want the girl 
I'm different not only want girl 
want to be her!!!
ditto for your beautiful sounds 
and especially 
what lies behind your sounds 
the Heart of your feelings 
Theres definitely 
something very nice in you 
So I said it!!! 
Oh I can be incredibily stupid 
But whats stupid about 
giving your phone #?? 
Cheryl might call you! 
Are you kidding!!!! 
Shes way way too too busy busy!! 
Just sorta free associating here 
Listening to "All I Wanna Do" 
I started hearing different versions of 
certain words 
this line: 
And I wonder if he's ever had a day of fun in his whole life 
sometimes goin down da road 
this part of the song 
(CD is on repeat!;) 
sounds different to me 
at first 
thought it was like this 
And I wonder if he's ever had a" girlfriend" in his whole life 
if you listen to your song and that line 
looking for girlfriend instead of " day of fun " 
my thinking 
is that singers  
have the ability to add dimensions of hidden 
sounds by the quality of their voice!! 
Its all subjective I know! 
Any way Sheryl  
Thanks for your beatiful songs 
And all this time 
Your thinking no phone # 
ha ha 
here it is 

courtesy ma bell;) 
ps I am a relatively normal male that works hard 
driving my toyota : auctions interstate deliverys 
you name it and while I'm driving ALL OVER you are 
with me (on repeat;) singing away as I puzzle 
about everything!! 
but getting back to my almost normality
I just love being dressed as a female 
but also sensing what its like;etc 
reasonablly liked by people I work for 
but they know I'm a character!! 

Well, "Natasha". I hope you're proud of yourself.