Dad holding me at a young age. Nice hair, dad!
A shining example of my glorious fashion sense. And first set of teeth.
Left to right: John, Barry, Me. A treasured memory that will live forever.
I believe my ski equipment consists of some table legs and two thin slices of salami.
Left to Right: Fredelle Furman, Dad, Barry, me, Nat Furman, Jon
Disney trip. Left to Right: Jon, Barry, Me. I loved that shirt.
The things I remember most about Disney World (in Florida): rain, lines, and eating swordfish steaks in the aquarium / restaraunt.
Purposefully striding to receive my various academic awards upon graduating Chambers elementary school.
After graduating elementary school, I had a water-fight party. Left to Right: Keith Schroder, Jon Cenova, Andrew Coppola??, Eric Fitzgerald, Fletcher Ellison, Me in the mu-mu
"Sword through the neck" in Michael's magic show. Michael is Aunt Barbara's brother.
Practicing my death stare.
Left to Right: Barry, Me, Jon. Fearsome! Helmet hair!
I eventually made it all the way up to red/black belt in Song Am Taekwondo.
Two months into freshman year at RIT I broke my leg ice skating. :(
Moving into Computer Science House as a sophmore at RIT.
Sexay Man! With original 1988 Mazda 626.