Welcome to the CSH page for HarmonySynth, the program that turns your Rock Band drum set into something resembling an electronic drum set.

HarmonySynth is currently in Super Alpha, but if you feel like playing around check the releases folder.

Release 0.0.2 Notes:
  • Currently there is a bit of lag between when you hit a drum and when the sound plays. It's only really noticable when you get into the sixteenth notes or so, depending on tempo. I'm working on it.

  • If Jerry Seinfeld appears in the top-left corner, it means your game is running too slowly. Get a faster processor, or stop running so many instances of terminal. I'm looking at you, Woz.

  • HarmonySynth is part of Project RawkBand, a collection of stuff I'm making while I dick around with the Rock Band drum set.