Glow, Baby, Glow


Glow, Baby, Glow is a game I made in 48 hours for the Molydeux game jam in early 2012. It's an arcade style action-platformer about protecting a radioactive baby. Everything in the game was creating in the 48 hour time period, from design, to animation and coding. However, after the summer of 2012, I continued to work on the game. I started from scratch, and implemented far more features (level select, powerups, multiplayer), also dropping the pixel art aesthetic and creating new high-resolution cartoony graphics.

Glow, Baby, Glow is by far the largest and most exciting game I have worked on to date. Because of its size, I spent a significant amount of time on infrastructure, design, and level editing tools. I would say that Glow Baby Glow is the most polished and complete game I have worked on. The multiplayer aspect of the game was also a huge technical and design hurdle that required significant thought. I hope to release it in the near future on PC.

You can play the original prototype here.


Written in C# using XNA.


You can download and play the game on Windows using this link.