Ethan Feldman is a stand up comedian living in NYC. Ethan is a native New Yorker and has lived in NYC since he was 9. He didn't get his driver's license until he was 21. Ethan has done improv and theater in the past. Ethan has an identical twin brother, and they both have cats. Ethan has performed in the 2017 Conshy Comedy Festival, the 2017 Finger Lakes Comedy Festival, the 2018 Maumee, Mary, & Joseph Comedy Festival, the 2018 Portland Maine Comedy Festival, the 2018 Turnpike Comedy Festival, and the 2018 Standup Roundup Comedy Festival. Ethan has been on BravoTV.com on an episode of the web series 'Bake Amends', has been on Amazon Prime, and has been on Sirius XM Raw Dog Channel 99. Feel free to get in touch, browse the photos, watch the videos, and check out his upcoming shows!



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