Hi, my name is Ethan, I am an RIT graduate, and I am from NYC. This is my portfolio site. Feel free to check out my work and contact me if you have any questions or comments.


Fall 2015 Update: I am now working as a Senior QA Engineer at Compass.
2013 Update: Projects section has been updated.
2012 Update: New site design entirely!
2011 Update: Projects section has been updated.
2010 Update: Projects section has been updated.
Summer 2009 Update: Projects section has been updated.
2009 Update: I am working on a side project, a funny video site and blog, DumbView - Blog - Videos
Fall Update: I am working at JW Player.
Summer 2008 Update #3: Summer winding down...The Projects section has been updated, chceck it out!
Summer 2008 Update #2: I am now working as the Director of Programming at EcoMedia.
Summer 2008 Update: New Blog running Here.
Spring 2008: I have updated the Projects section of my site with my recent work, check it out.
Winter 2008: New section of the site in development, called Labs. This is what I do for fun. Check it out.
Winter 2007: Make sure to check out the Misc section for a lot of my random work.
Fall 2007: I have a server running Here, which has some of my new work.
Summer 2007: I am now a college graduate.

About Me

Name: Ethan Feldman
Location: NYC
School: RIT
Major: New Media Interactive Development
Status: Alumni
Resume: DOC - PDF


Here are some pictures that I have taken over the years.

  • The Old Toad - Rochester, NY

  • Desert Moon - Rochester, NY

  • Great Northen Pizza Kitchen - Rochester, NY

  • Linuxworld 2004 - NYC

  • On the Road

  • Union Square

  • My Grandmother's 85th Birthday

  • Red Rock Canyon - Outside of Las Vegas, NV

  • Bellagio - Las Vegas, NV

  • My Old Cat Tiger

  • Sonata Arctica Concert

  • Union Square

  • My New Cat Basil

  • Mesa Coyoacan - Williamsburg, Brooklyn


This is my space to play.

OS X Version of My Website (WIP)
Dock Menu
Lite Show


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