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Hacks and Other Such Code

I think the proper term for what I do is 'programming,' but I like the term 'hacking' much better. It better describes the result of my code ventures.

If you saw the term 'hack' here and you're expecting something for breaking systems or programs, you're in the wrong place. That's cracking, and you should leave before I crack your skull with my sledgehammer.

Everyone else, browse around. You may find something useful, you may not. Just be warned that I take no liabilities for any damage these hacks may cause. There shouldn't be any malicious bugs, though, because they ususally fight with me before they get out the door.


Egomania The shell with an ego bigger than it's user. Think of it what you will. It knows it's better.
brainfuck A small language, designed to cause pain. I've made it even harder. Yay!
cjb.net client Unix-system client for cjb.net's dynamic DNS service. A simple protocol, so a simple client. Rock solid, though.
miniDNS client Unix-system client for the miniDNS dynamic DNS service. Much better performant and more compatible than the "official client".
dingOS Unix-like operating system. At least that was the original aim. This is a resurrected version of the old website.


One-off Hacks

FAT12 dump While trying to decipher the copy-protection on the VisiOn disk images, I wrote this to dump the boot block of a FAT12 filesystem. Definitely needs a GCC-compatible, because of packing.
fast ripper This was a decently-fast CD ripper I used to use for my CDs. It's CDDB aware, but parts of the code (the ripper used and the CDDB disc-id code) are linux-only.