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About the miniDNS client:

The miniDNS client is a client for the miniDNS dynamic DNS service. The service can be found at http://www.minidns.net. The client runs as a system daemon, periodically checking for a change in the computer's IP address. When a change is detected, it automatically sends the updated information to the miniDNS server.

This program is for Unix (and Unix-ish) systems only. It could probably be ported to other systems, but I don't use any others, so I wouldn't know.

Installing miniDNS:

Unpack the miniDNS archive ('zcat minidns-client-1.1.tar.gz | tar -xf -'). Then read and follow the instructions in the README file. For the impatient, try 'make; make install'. Please don't ask questions about it not starting without reading the README.

Download miniDNS:

Version 1.1
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