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The Writings and Ramblings of the Mute

It used to be that I would put some sort of semi-witty remark up here about how you shouldn't read this, or at the very least, follow any of it. You know what? I'm a little tired of being self-deprecating, so I'm just going to say that most of what's within is based on happenings in my life. There are stories, advice, and chronicles of what I've done in these pages. I leave it to you to come to a conclusion about what I have presented here. The only thing I can say about these writings is that there is some sound advice in here, if you know where to look.

Such is life... I can write down and give good advice (sometimes), but I never seem to follow it, until I've learned the lesson the hard way. I guess if I hadn't been doing that, I'd have nothing interesting to write about.

Welcome, and enjoy what I have to offer you.

- gile


(untitled number two)

25 Aug 2004

Once Again, I Dream of Sleep

18 Jun 2004

Whoa... they were right!

12 May 2004

Entering the Daylight

29 Mar 2004

How to Disappear

21 Mar 2004

Font scaling can bite my ass.

20 Aug 2003

Another Late Night Thought

15 Jan 2003

There is Another in the Night

20 Aug 2002

(untitled number one)

11 Aug 2002

The Road I Travelled

27-29 Jul 2002

Dvorak and My Wrists

24 Jul 2002

Future Past Problems

23 Jun 2002

Tips For Programmers

18 Jun 2002

C'est la vie... c'est l'amour...

12 Jun 2002

Love, Lust, and Depeche Mode

13 May 2002

A Possible Ending

29 Apr 2002

Released from my Hell

04 Apr 2002

Defend Your Mind

31 Mar 2002

Explaining the old Anger

05 Mar 2002

People Know Me

21 Nov 2001

gile's dream of sleep

10 Jul 2001