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The dingOS Project is an attempt to produce a free operating system for the everyday user under a liberal license. We are currently in the early stages, and the two-man development team makes for a more hacker-oriented system at this point. Hopefully that'll change over time :-)

14 Nov 02 / 23:33:47 EST - gile

    I think that this is the more proper place to put dGUI screenshots. My journal isn't.
    I don't have any new ones yet (no real work on it today). But there will be some soon.

19 Oct 02 / 14:06:33 EST - gile

    Whoops. For some reason, Xitami's SSI filter wasn't working... that means some of the pages (the non-404 ones ;)) were dead. Like the page about the dingOS/Yoctix copyright issues.
    It's fixed now. All of the pages are now PHP, but none of the URLs have changed.

15 Oct 02 / 11:16:43 EST - gile

    I guess it can be said that dingOS is not dead. The project has been dormant for the past five months, but we have resumed coding.
    Nothing for release. I'm not even sure anything compiles. At least in the kernel, anyway.
    The userland code will probably be rewritten. There is no shell, as TITS is now defunct. And everything else is in a state of disarray.
    Maybe there will be another update in the next few months or so. But we do have other things to do, so it's not as easy to concentrate on this project as much as in the past.
    That, and computers hate us. With a passion.
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