Welcome to my BeOS link page. This isn't anything too special, I just put it up for people who attended one of my demos/seminars. As opposed to expecting you to remember tons of URLs or even write them down, you only have to deal with one.

Be Inc - Birthplace of BeOS
BUGGER - Be User's Group of the Greater Entirety of Rochester
BeNews - One of the best Be news sites.... (So what if I am an editor there... :P)
BeOS Central - A great BeOS news site, updated frequently.
BeGroovy - Recent addition to the 'BeOS News Site' competition....
LeBUZZ - A News Site specific to BeOS Audio and Music news
BeBits - The premier source of BeOS software.
BeDepot - A e-commerce site run by Be devoted to selling Be related merchandise. Any developer can sell their software on BeDepot. Combined with the awesome SoftwareValet installation/upgrade manager, this site can't be beat.
BeOS Tip Server - An AMAZING source of tips/tricks for the BeOS, everything from using the tracker to getting Be working on your slightly oddball system.

For those interested, here is a tutorial for the (in)famous spawn of Bill Joy (no, not java), vi, that I stole from the Linux User's Guide...

There is a Quick Tutorial and an Advanced Tutorial for your perusal.

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