W3 Search Engines

This documents collects some of the most useful search engines available on the WWW. Omissions are the fault of the maintainer. Suggestions for additions are welcome! Submit buttons have now been added to accommodate non-Mosaic browsers.

NB: If you find this page especially useful, why not install a local copy on your machine? It will work from anywhere. You may also be interested in trying out Martijn Koster's SUSI (Simple Unified Search Interface), and the External Info page at Twente University.

Looking for:

Information Servers

CUI World Wide Web Catalog
Search The WWW Worm
Search The WWW Worm (by citation)
Global Network Academy Meta-Library
Aliweb (Archie-like Indexing for the Web)
NorthStar (Search WWW document headers)
The Whole Internet Catalog
Veronica (Gopher directory search)
Jughead (Gopher directory search)
WAIS directory-of-servers index (gateway access)
WAIS directory-of-servers index (direct access)


Archieplex (Swiss server at SWITCH)
The Language List
The Free Compilers List


Netfind gateway (name key key ...)
Finger gateway at


Rik Harris' Abstracts Index
The Unified CS TR Index
Computer Science TR Archive Sites
OO Bibliography (object-oriented and related papers)


Gopher FAQ Search
News Archives (WAIS index)
Search news.announce.conferences


Big Dummy Search
Internet Drafts Index Search
RFC Index Search
WWWFinder (NCSA WAIS Search)
BSD/386 Hypertext Man Pages
CUI Computer Science Library

Other Interesting Things

Say (Text to Speech Translator)

See also: CUI's collected search engines.

This page was originally inspired by NCSA's Experimental Search Engine Meta-Index.

Thanks to all who have contributed suggestions!