Photos from Thanksgiving are Posted *11-29-2006*!!! Check them out under the "Friends and Family" section of the menu above!


Welcome to our website! We have made the decision to leave this website as a storage for photo albums and move our daily updates to a blog website. Reasons for this abound - but the most important is that Jennie is lazy and these new-fangled "blogs" pretty much do automatically everything that she does in code for this website. So.....


For all the latest, greatest updates from the world of Dan and Jennie and continue to check up on this page once in a great while for any new photos and stuff that are too bulky to add to the blog (though if we add anything here, we will most likely tell you on the blog site!

Where are the Wedding Pictures and Website?!

For sentimental reasons, we still have a link to our old wedding website at the bottom of the "Our Wedding" menu above. You can also view all of the photos we have uploaded so far from the big day!

Photos for This Site

So I bet you're all wondering "how do I get MY photos of the wedding/picnic/etc onto this great website for everyone to see?".

Simple. Just send Jennie a CD of the photos you took and she will put them onto the site (as long as she looks good in them!). ;)

You can usually find CD mailers at your local post office. They're pretty cheap.

So send away if you'd like them up here!