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Information about Pacman/MsPacman hardware & software...

If you want information about how to hack the hardware directly (no software) or to work with Pengo as well, head over to one of my other pages, focusing on writing your own game for Pac-Man or Pengo hardware.

This is not a page for hints and tips about playing PacMan. It is aimed more towards hardware and software hackers & programmers. If you want game play strategies, go here.

Useful Hacking Links & Resources:

Programming Resources
TomScherrer Contains a most excellent assortment of Z80 information, including the TASM assembler and a Z80 Disassember. It also contains a lot of useful information for programming for the Z80.
note: the dis-assembler there is missing the follwing from the "brain" file
	62              LD     H,D
	70              LD     (HL),B
Or, you could just get a copy of my .brn file.
Arcade Z80 The Z80 collection of information/links from the Wiretap/Spies archive. (this includes information from the above link).
Z-80 C Compiler Follow that link, and search the DOS index for zcc096, a DOS C-Compiler which has a decent pre-processor, and builds Z-80 code. Keen.
Or just grab it from right here
Elvis The king himself. Not the most full featured VI (pronounce: "vee eye") clone (VIM ranks up there.) but this one supports .html and binary files. Useful for quick hacks of romsets. VI is a very powerful keyboard-based editor. My suggestion: if you don't already know how to use VI, find another editor to use for editing binaries.
PAD A tiny program that i wrote to pad out binary files so that output from the c-compiler will be usable in emulators for testing (Source and binary included)
Hardware Hacks
PCB Modifications PacMan PCB Modifications: 2/4 game Pacman, Pacman to MsPacman conversion, Pacman and MsPacman pinouts.
Mowerman's Mowerman's hardware info page. Contains repair techniques, retrofit information, and miscellaneous Ms/Pacman variant & conversion information. A great collection of information.
Multigame Project A project I was talking with Mowerman (Kev) about. It was a software-selectable multi-pacman machine. I've since just given input about techniques to accomplish the goal, and have volunteered to work on the software. I still need to learn Z80 asm. It can't be too hard...
Software Hacks
TURACO This is a graphics & attribute editor i've been working on with Ivan Mackintosh over in the U.K. It edits over 240 games, and will soon have Pacman map and text editing support thanks to yours truly.
AGE This is a graphics & attribute editor i've been working on with Ivan Mackintosh over in the U.K. It edits over 70 games, and has Pacman map and text editing support thanks to yours truly.
PacName M.C.Silvius (Sil) made this, which inspired me to add similar support to AGE. He's a great guy who helped me find out a lot of information about Pacman and variants.
Mame 0.30 debug A hacked version of MAME which will only work on pacman, mspacman, pengo, and variants. It also has the debugger compiled in, autodetects soundcard, and removes splash pages. Oh, and it will only work on modified romsets.
Bobby Tribble
Miscellaneous rom hacks already made around the net.

Map information
NOTE: this information will soon be integrated more nicely into this page
Memory-Map & Screen This is information about how the screen is configured, and the entire memory map for the Pac-Man hardware.
This is a mirror of David Caldwell's page, which disappeared for a little while, and I couldn't afford for that to happen again. His e-mail addy is at the bottom of that page. (Good luck trying to reach him though!)
Written by David Caldwell
Maze Information about how the maze is stored, and sample C source code to decode it.
Written by David Caldwell
Correction A slight correction for the above
Written by Me / David Caldwell
MsPacMan Info how the game decides which map to use after level 13, color palette table for the mazes
Written by M.C.Silvius

Software information
NOTE: this information will soon be integrated more nicely into this page
MsPacMan Fruit Paths Locations of the fruit path tables, fruit shapes/point tables NOTE: I have another piece of mail, not on this machine, with descriptions of the fruit paths.
Written by M.C.Silvius
Compiled information Locations of miscellaneous items in the roms, pellet counts, text strings, patching roms to work, second map in hanglyman, power pellet locations, maze tables, pellet tables, map order.
Written by M.C.Silvius
checksum crack Cracking NamcoPac romset to eliminate the checksum check. (also Basic source for name string locations)
Written by M.C.Silvius
patches How can you tell that these romsets have been patched?
Written by M.C.Silvius

Variant Information
Hangly Man Multiple Maps in Pac-Man?

many power pellets were used to create this document.

Scott "Jerry" Lawrence: