All of the below ships were designed by me for the Flatware project (a space flight game some friends _were_ working on.) I designed them on graph paper, and then typed in all the coordinates and polys into the pc using "vi". Each one probably took upwards of 4 hours, plus debug time. (The objects might look wrong, more polys might need to be put in, coordinates may need to be stretched, etc...)

Based on an idea in my cranium.

Based on a Lego (tm) ship i made a few years ago.

Based on a jet-fighter of some type.

Based on a Lockheed flying wing. (Lekechod is an anagram of Lockheed)

Kindof a long range fast ship. Name is from Loganberrys, NOT Logan's Run!

kinda like a cross between a Martin jet and a Blackbird.

The below recognizer was designed by me on paper. It has something like 600+ triangles. Most of which were put in to compensate for bugs in the VR/Flatware rendering software at the time. I made this object mainly from memory. I watched and still-framed my tape of Tron a few times to sketch out the design. Proportions were done by eye. I currently have the Tron Laserdisc, and i'll probably end up writing a new recognozer design with less polygons, and more accurate to the original. :)
Recognizer (From Tron )

Menacing Recognizer (From Tron )

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