Support the color green!

Why green?
For me, a few reasons....

What is green?

Here are a few color wheels I got from

Here are the additive and the subtractive color system which I have decided to put here irregardless [sic] of their importance.

And now a special guest appearance by The Lamp

It is a day,
and the lamp is green!

So, if you appreciate the color green as much as I do, feel free to grab one of the images here, either the small green bow at the top of this page, or this one down here, and link it to this page to show your appreciation for green!

many people besides you were interested in Green.


This page is compatible with with text-only browsers. In the case where a text-only browser is used, PLEASE, wear green tinted sunglasses, or disconnect the red and blue from your monitor. Thank you!
The Lamp appears courtesy of itself, and GreenCo Ltd. Industries Incorporated. D.B.A. LampCo Ltd. Industries Incorporated. Any association to The Lamp is neither directly expressed or implied. The Lamp speaks for itself, and neither myself or CSH, or any other company, corporation, person, living or dead, fictional or factual is purely coincidental. This sentence was put here because I like self-referential statements, and also to use the words "The" and "Lamp" together in a phraselet like this: "The Lamp"; although it is too bad that they were just stated point blank, and not in any sort of context. This sentence was just put here to bloat this paragraph. As was this one. The appearance of The Lamp on this page was done at the reques of The Lamp himself. No outside forces pressured The Lamp into making an appearance on this page... well, no others besides me. [bawl] Fine! You made me say it... [grumble]

The Lamp supports green, why don't you? ;)

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