Trent: Read this part!

First of all, major thanks to Trent Reznor for making such great music, and for putting on such enjoyable concerts... Thanks, Trent.

Trent, if you're reading this, forgive me for giving other people money for your work, and please, please, put out a cd of just instrumentals and also release a studio version of "now i'm nothing". :)

Special thanks to the Lakeshore Record Exchange, 2240 Monroe Ave., Rochester, NY. (I have gotten no money to put their name here, they're just a really cool music store!) They let me listen to hundreds of dollars of CDs for reviewing, copy down track listings, and other cool stuff. Thanks guys! Apparently, you can buy cds from them over this link, but actually being there is most of the fun with these people... They're an awesome group!

Net peoples who contributed in one way or another...

Some info for these pages was taken from Jason Patterson's NIN UnOfficial H.P and also from Mike Roston's NIN Discography. I will put down all of the contributing authors for those two here. I have done extensive work to organize this information. Does anyone really read this anyway? If you can give me some critique on either layout suggestions, or asthetics, or other info, please let me know!

Valuable Input (author of the discography)

Indirect Contributing Authors (of the discography)

Direct Contributing Authors

All of the nin-related images: backgrounds, buttons, titles, bars, and basically anything that has a "blood" look to it was created by jerry. (xpaint and xv for titles and stuff, deluxe paint III on my amiga for the blood-looking stuff and backgrounds, using a technique that i feel i'm pretty damn good at!). Oh, and any of the back_???.gif images were created by Mark Beeson. If the image has a "b" or "c" on the end of it, then I got my grubby little hands on it in XV and played with the colors. Yay!
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