"Fisted" contains the following items: (in a black plastic box)

        Fixed                           (UK release)
        March Of The Pigs Digipack      (UK CD 1 of 2)
        March Of The Pigs               (UK CD 2 of 2)
        Closer Digipack                 (UK CD 1 of 2)
        Closer                          (UK CD 2 of 2)

        A crappy t-shirt
        A pin and/or a patch

It typically sells for around $85 (US$).  It is a total rip-off.  You can get
the parts of the set seperately for less.  see:
     Fixed:  $12
     MOTP    $20
     Closer  $20
     T-shirt (the shirt in the box is not available elsewhere, and from what
              i've heard of it, we can be glad about that!)
     Pin     $5
             $57 US.

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