Rusty Nails II

Rusty Nails II  Non-Stop MegaMix  (CD)  Digital Sound Prizm

1.  Sanctified                                              2:08
2.  Clouser Heresy                                          2:49
3.  Something Blue [new unreleased]                         0:50
4.  Ruiner remix                                            5:28
5.  Closer to God                                           1:37           
6.  Heresy                                                  3:15
7.  Ruiner original                                         4:11
8.  Head Like A Hole                                        4:34              
    Clay Like A Hole
9.  March of the Fuckheads                                  1:14
10. Happiness In Slavery                                    2:23
11. Maybe Once                                              1:35
12. Kinda I Want To [demo]                                  3:54
13. Sin                                                     4:52
14. Live In Me [old unreleased]                             1:54
15. Reptilian                                               2:15
16. Underneath the Skin                                     0:59
17. Memorabilia                                             3:22
18. Wish                                                    3:41
19. Something I Can Never Have                              4:04

Special Credits: Mike Hitman Wilson
(c) DSP Digital Sound Prizm

Notes: (from "B. Kinser"

Track 3 is a new synth track with samples from The Downward Spiral (bottom)
presumably done by the Hitman himself.

Track 14 is completely new to me.  The Hi-hat in it sounds familiar. but
I can't discern where the sample came from.  Otherwise I doesn't resemble
any NIN song I know.  Probably the Hitmans' work.

In whole, the quality is impeccable, definitely on par with the first
Rusty Nails.  The edits are seamless and most of the tracks are altered
in some shape or form, however so slight.

Grade:A plus

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