If anyone has a problem with any of this, send mail to yourself, and spraypaint your car teal!


You gots a problem with any of dis? Although the resources of CSH and RIT are being used for this service, in no way do they approve of, or fund the purchase of rare imports, and/or live recordings of any kind, nor do they condone the use, purchase, or production thereof. This is not an advertisement of any sort for any of the record companies listed. They give me no money. This is strictly an informative site.

in other words... I put all this here. Not them. I personally have only bought them once I have already bought all of the TVT/nothing/Interscope releases. I personally would rather give Trent $30 for a live cd rather than Ma & Pa's record company. He deserves it. (At least for "Maybe Just Once" ;) My feeling is this. I'll buy the crappy ones so that everyone else doesn't have to. I'd rather people spent $30 on a cd they'll enjoy rather than one that they'll be pissed that the spent that money on.


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