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N E W S F L A S H ! ! !
Trent's homepage has been recently uncovered as being a spoof! I guess we all can believe what we want to... In any event, it seems as though this "blackrose" chap had "borrowed" the name of a song ("Take This") from one of the cds listed below for more authenticity... (these are real...)

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In late '94 through early '95, Trent and co. played in a few small venues around the country with members of his band from Nine Inch Nails.

The tour lineup was (in one of the venues) Trent Reznor (lead vocals, guitar (acoustic & electric), keyboards, saxophone), Chris Vrenna (Drums), Robert Patrick (Guitars), Charlie Clouser (Keyboards, vocoder), Robin Finck (Guitars), and Ian Anderson (flute). (Yes, i know it's hard to believe, but Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull _DID_ make a surprise visit!)

He hit some bars and small clubs early last year, and luckilly, someone picked up on it, and managed to tape one (well, at least two of them...;)

I had my suspicions about it, but the boot i had of this concert was very crappy, and sounded like a fake. I guess it wasn't. (I have since misplaed the tape -- sorry.

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CDs of the club tour

02/??/95 Back Here Again
03/??/95 Youth Seemingly Gone

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