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A Thousand Pleasures

The sound quality on this one is average. The stereo image shifts all around a bit. It gets annoying, but since this is the only CD boot (that i know of) of the second leg of the tour, it's dealable. It sounds like it's being played back form a tapedeck with dolby(tm) noise reduction turned on, without the recording being encoded for it. (It's muffled when it gets quiet. My guess is that this was done to quiet down the crowd noise. It worked, but a bit too well. The beginning of "easer" is almost unaudible. And "Hurt" is hard to hear. Bass definition is a bit messy. It's about on par with "Coming Down Fast"

Audience noise is usally fairly low. Every once in a while you can hear someone talking.

There is a loud feedback whine for about 2 second in ruiner... owey.

In the beginning of "Head Like a Hole", he mumbles "Ohhh.... ohhh.... Annie..... Annie....". and in the beginning of "Piggy" he says in a very meek voice, "I'm stuck, somebody help me."

Disc two, tracks 5-13 are identical to Purest Feeling.

By Bizarre Hands

This boot is of decent quality. A bit tinny, probably made from a analogue cassette master. The quality is decent. Audience noise is very low. The mix on Sanctified is strange. It's an entirely new orchestration for the song. It sounds cool. Almost worth it just for that. It also has an almost instrumental version to Ringfinger (listed as "The Only Time") Perhaps Trent forgot to sing the first few bars... :)

It's a eh. recording. I've heard much better, but I've heard much worse.

Coming Down Fast

A very good recording. Supplimental material is also very good. The quality is quite good for an audience. It does have a full set, including all of the encore. Clarity of the sound is a bit above average, although bass is a tad undefined and messy.

Audience noise is decent. You can hear particular people.

Crossed Nails

Probably the best live audience recording of NIN. Excellent clarity, excellent bass definition. There is no encore on the disc though. :( It seems as if Trent was not happy about the audience's participation, or lack thereof.

Some lines he said:

In the end of "March Of The Pigs", he changes the line "now they can all sleep soundly", to "Now all of you people can just suck my dick", and he makes it fit in perfectly.

In the beginning of "Suck", he gives an explanation for the song: "This song is about wrapping your dick in a fly strip, and fucking a cow up the ass with it" ;)

In "Sin", "Why don't you people just fucking sit down?"

Audience noise is very very low. the Audience sounds like a whole. Hard to pick out particular people.

Very highly recommended. It is not as good as When The Whip Comes Down, which is soundboard quality.

Demos & Remixes

Notes about the individual tracks:

  1. Cool version of DII. has the traditional DII intro, then breaks into a version of the song similar to that on Halo 3 (Demo version)
  2. a happy-ish version of Sanctified. It's got this cool beat for the whole thing not in the PHM version. (similar to the one on Purest Feeling)
  3. The silliest version of this (or any nin) song I've ever heard. Think of it as a Depeche Mode song with Trent on Vocals... It's just so happy. It's hilaroius. hehehe (similar to the one on Purest Feeling, but more blippy)
  4. Demo version of Twist different than the one on Purest Feeling. Great song; my favorite. :)
  5. DII mostly whispered over a hi-hat, and a wierd "spacey" feel to it.
  6. Soundboard recording of "Suck" live. Good quality. (Same as Halo 00)
  7. The same SuperNaut released before. It is very hard... it's cool (Same as Halo 00)
  8. Same as the demo version as on Halo 3.
  9. This one was called "You Know Who You Are" On Halo 3. It's all instrumental.
  10. From a vinyl LP. Sounds like a mix of Sin from Halo 4. Not actually on it, and not significantly different than any other version I've ever heard. slightly different beginning. Middle bridge is a bit shorter.
  11. From a vinyl LP. A hip-hop version of HLAH. Very strange. This is the infamous "Opal Mix". It's kinda upbeat, and has the "You Know Who You Are" at the end of the song. The "HLAH, black as your soul" bridges are muffled. (Intenetionally) Cool track though.
  12. From a Vinyl LP. Same as Wish from a single with 3 differences: "Now there's nothing more Fauled up I can do" "I'm the one with this big hiding hole" (?) "Gotta listen to your big time, hard line, bad luck ------ " This is the UK Promo.
  13. This is the Pigface version... Minimalistic, with just a drum as backup.
  14. See Halo 1. It has a riff from Terrible Lie at the end, which fades out..
Tracks 1-5 have a tad of bacground static.

Overall, it is well worth the ~$30US for the disc, because of the variety of the music, and the rareness of the Halo 00 tracks.

Familiar Sting

The second best live audience recording of NIN. Second only to Crossed Nails (see above). Audience noise is audible, but at decent levels. Very good clarity, decent bass definition. There is no encore on the disc though. :( It seems as if Trent was not happy about the audience's participation, or lack thereof.

My only complaint is that it isn't a full setlist. It's missing the final song, Happiness In Slavery. It doesn't fade out before it either, it just ends. You hear HIS about to start, then it doesnt. It's a bit annoying.

Very highly recommended anyway.


No Information Available.

Hammering It Home

Overall, quite a decent recording from the first leg of the "Self Destruct 1994 Tour". It is a soundboard recording from *** germany, unlike what the printing on the cd says "Live in London".

The only bad thing i can say about it is that it it muffled. It's a constand muffle, so it's not that bad. Just crank up the treble, and it sounds good; a very light hiss can be heard, but other than that, it's quite good. Bass is very tight. There is decent stereo seperation as well. Audience noise is minimal, as you only hear it between tracks.

March Of the Pigs He oinks in the beginning of the song. hehehe. And sings "Take my skin, it back" later in the song.

Something I Can Never Have It sounds like he breaks out crying. Poor wittul Trenty... To show just how decent clarity is, you can hear the bird tweets in the song. he finishes it with the standard "and you will never, ever, never, never understand.. how i feel, how i feel"

Closer The song sounds dirtier, as ya can hear more samples, along with e on trents voice.

Reptile All of the opening samples can be heard.

Get Down Make Love "You don't even know the fucking words"

Big Man With A Gun "If anyone feels like hurting themselves, they should do it _NOW!_"

Hole In Your Head

Probably the worst '94 live recording, although Self Destruction Men is pretty close to it. Really wierd equalization. The highs are muted, and bass is messy.

The best way to describe it, is: Turn it on in one room, then go into the next room, and close your eyes. That's what it sounds like being in the parking lot next to a stadium where the concert is. Yes it is that bad.

Get another live recording if at all possible.

Killer Instinct

Identical to Time To Suck.

Live In Holland

No Information Available. (Unconfirmed CD)

March Of The Pigs

Identical to Hole In Your Head.

Mud Pigs

Recorded at Woodstock '94. Soundboard recording. Audience noise is overwhwelming at times. Some instruments, including the vocals cut out at times, so sometimes all you hear of an instrument is its echo from the field. Decent recording. Sometimes bass gets undefined. Electronic parts to the songs are remarkably clear most of the time. Decent boot.

Get When The Whip Comes Down if at all possible instead. You'll thank me for it later. ;)


Same recording quality, et al with Mudpigs, although different songs are edited, namely pinion is shorter, and all of MOTP is there.


Some information points to this CD as actually being Time To Suck but this is unconfirmed as well.

No Information Available. (Unconfirmed CD)

Nothing Is Next

No Information Available.

Purest Feeling

Studio recording, with live vocals, and drums. Excellent quality, Highly recommended. I'm pretty sure it's just a studio recording, like a trial run, of their concert from the time. I have a boot on tape with pretty much the same linup of songs.

It has the only known studio recordings of "Maybe Just Once", "Purest Feeling", and "Intro to Sanctified". It has a version of "Twist" on it, labeled as "Ringfinger" in the liner notes. (my favorite song :) The version of "Kinda I Want To" is the very 80's euro pop sounding version. The whole album has a very 80's electronic-pop sound to it.

The vocals in the version of "The Only Time" on it make it sound like he really is drunk. ;)

Excellent quality, full stereo seperation. Very highly recommended to hear where Trent was coming from when he made Pretty Hate Machine. (No audience noise, as there wasn't an audience ;)

Reznor Sharp

Yes, another Woodstock boot...

This CD is in some respects better than, and in some respects worse than When The Whip Comes Down. First of all, It starts with Larry "Bud" Melman introducing the group, then fades up in the middle of pinion.

All of "March Of The Pigs" is present. "Closer" doesn't have the screwup in the end of it that WTWCD has. "Reptile" fades up while the last notes are being played "Closer". All of "Reptile" is also present.

Throughout the CD, there are these annoying pops. There is a fairly loud pop/click sound, the sound is silent, then the sound builds back up to full volume. (all in about 1/2 second or less.) It gets to be really annoyoing after a while. I have no clue as to what it's from. Here are the times for the pops:

1.(Terrible Lie) 4:01, 4:46, 6:19

2.(Sin) 1:30

4.(Something...) 3:06

6.(Reptile) 0:47

Here's the text blurb in the booklet -- copied verbatim.

Few artists of 1990's have caused as munch of a commotion as Trent
Reznor, the fury-filled mastermind behind Nine Inch Nails.  Dipping into a
cauldron of industrial strength technorock laced with near lethal doses of
metallic punk, Reznor wages full frontal sonic assaults drawn from the
darkest recesses of the human psyche.  As the saying goes: is forewarned

"munch"? "is forewarned"? huh? Anyone get that?

All in all, it's a decent boot. Unless you want the intro, and all of "Reptile", don't bother. Just get When The Whip Comes Down.

Rusty Nails

This recording is quite unique. It is a 64 minute long continuous megamix of good NIN songs. The mixing is done quite well, and in some cases, yields really cool sounding melodys. "All the Pigs, All Lined Up" with the hihat from "Memorabelia" comes to mind. That one just sounds sooo cool. :)

It is not without it's faults though... "Heresy" ends, then "Head Like A Hole" starts, with a gap of silence. In "Closer To God" (Track 11), there is an editing glitch, and the volume fluctuates because of it. (a part of the song repeats, then it skips foreward. The same thing happens again in "Sin" (Track 16).

Most of the mixes are quite impressive, and some are obvious. Not 'obvious' in the sense of "It's obvious that that two songs are mixed together", 'obvious' in the sense that if I were to make a continuous mix, I'd combine the songs. "Twist" to "Ringfinger" and "Kinda I Want To" (From Pretty Hate Machine) to "Down In It" come to mind.

All in all, it is a very good cd, as all songs were mixed from other CDs. Highly recommended if you want to run a NIN Party that will only last about an hour. ;)

The Secret Unbroken Gig

It's got 3 sections on it.

Tracks 1-10 are the same as on Slaves, sans one track.

11 and 12 are recorded from Lollapalooza in '91. They are decent recordings if you ignore all the volume fluctuations in track 11, which you can't because they happen continually throughout the track. It gets exceedingly annoying. aargh.

Tracks 14 and 15 are from the same recording as the first 4 tracks of Solid Gold Hell, but are of much worse mix quality. The tracks fade in and out badly, instead of SGH's really nice cuts.

Overall, It's not worth any price for it. Even with the Lollapaloza tracks.

Self Destruction Men

This is the second worst recording from '94. It is hard to listen to. The audience noise is intolerable. Performance is decent.

More info to come at a later date...


No Information Available. (Unconfirmed CD)


This is a fair concert recording. Audience noise is quite high, quite annoying at times. It gets hard to hear the music at times, from the sheer volume of the audience noise.

If you really want these tracks from this gig, get either Solid Gold Hell, or The Secret Unbroken Gig.

Solid Gold Hell

I'm gonna split this one in two sections.

First of all, Tracks 1-4. They were aquired from a radio broadcast, in September of '91. They are soundboard recordings of these songs, and they are mixed very well in this CD, and are of excellent quality.

Secondly, tracks 11-end, which is the same as Slaves.


This is an awesome live recording of Suck live. It is a soundboard recording, and therefore, very clear. Audience noise is only barely audible in the end of the song.

Supernaut is the original studio recording. Excellent quality. Sounds to be a first generation copy.

These songs are also available on the Demos and Remixes CD.

If you can find it, and afford it, get it. :)

Terrible Live Lie

No Information Available.

Time To Suck

I'll split it in 2 sections, as there are 2 concerts on the CD.

For the first 7 tracks, see the review for By Bizarre Hands.

Tracks 8-13 are another story altogether. They are secent quality, until the sound gets a tad loud, then you notice that there is craploads of distortion recorded into the songs. It's dealable, but can get annoying. It's truly a shame that there is distortion in these tracks, as bass and treble in them is excellent. The distortion is overpowering though. ugh.

When The Whip Comes Down

Probably the best live recording around. It's a soundboard quality recording from the "Woodstock Fest" (as it says), but unlike Mud Pigs, this one is in stereo. It makes a huge difference. It does hae its drawbacks though. As mentioned in the Mud Pigs review, there were sound problems at Woodstock, and you can hear them here. :( Sometimes, instruments cut out. The sound quality of this recording is vastly superior to M.P.

It should be noted, however, that although it does have the full "March of the Pigs", which M.P. does not, It has edited down versions of Pinion (2:20 as opposed to M.P.'s 4:00) and most of Reptile (3 minutes worth) has been removed. It starts right after M.P.'s "give it.." line.

Even with it's minute problems, it is very highly recommended.

Woodstock 1994

Identical to When The Whip Comes Down.