Dave admiring the view in CA.
556x369 jpeg, Airwick looking for his name in Preacher's book.

Airwick, the emperor

Airwick & Jenn vegging

Both Jens, together again for the first time!

Jenn in a DRESS?!?!

Our former HM, Jay after waking up at 5pm.

Pat Fleck talking...

Tad juggling pins with Eliza

John looking content...

Linus: stern Moxie drinker

Linus: proud Moxie drinker

grr.. go away

Tad with Elvira

Tad clearing things up concerning the BORG.

Tad attacking the projection booth at Gorefest

Dave Bort!

Jeremy! Get that lab done!

If friar knew i took this, i'd be dead already.

Jeanie, Danielle, and Jones


Diagonal shot of John! (adjusted)

Diagonal shot of John! (original)

This is what Les looks like with bad lighting.

It's roommate! Appreciate him!


Rory. What else can i say?

TC Tim. (his tatoo)

Trent!... er.. I mean Trev!

Vlad and Katie

Trev breaking something

Velcrohead himself...

Wilpur & Jan hanging out in NRH lounge

People by our (old) pool table...

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