Yes, I know realaudio sucks. I made these back when I kind of liked it... I guess I was brain damaged. Regardless, MP3 and WAV versions of these sound samples are coming soon.
Sound clips, Music, and other aural tidbits...
Background music from the Gridbugs game in Tron, in its entirety
(this is the Tron theme music & transition music that Wendy Carlos composed)
(Tron Arcade Game / RealAudio 3 / 602k)
The sound made when all of the MCP blocks have been hit
(Tron Arcade Game / RealAudio 3 / 27k)
The sound made when a coin is dropped into the machine
(Tron Arcade Game / RealAudio 3 / 44k )
The derez (Deresolution) sound when the player dies
(Tron Arcade Game / RealAudio 3 / 21k)
The music played right after the player dies
(Tron Arcade Game / RealAudio 3 / 43k)
sound made when the player's disk hits one of the MCP blocks
(Tron Arcade Game / RealAudio 3 / 4k)
sound made when the tank is driven through the teleporter on the tanks game
(Tron Arcade Game / RealAudio 3 / 13k)
sound made when a game is cleared (I hear this one often ;)
(Tron Arcade Game / RealAudio 3 / 34k)
sound made when the player throws their disk
(Tron Arcade Game / RealAudio 3 / 13k)

You need RealPlayer 4.0 to play the RealAudio content of this page. (Don't do it, man! Wait for the mp3's!)

All Tron Arcade samples were made from a real Tron Arcade machine, with my 486dx100/Gravis Ultrasound PNP, using Cool Edit 96(registered), with its RealAudio plug-in. / Scott "Jerry" Lawrence