jon parise // monday, may 20, 2019

Mozilla Stuff

Bookmark Tricks link

Mozilla allows to use JavaScript for bookmark locations. This allows you to script a popup window that can query for an input string (e.g. search criteria) which will be applied to the target URL.

To use one of the following, create a new bookmark and paste the JavaScript text (all on one line) into the Location: field. Lookup
javascript:q=document.getSelection();if(!q)void(q=prompt('Dictionary Lookup:',''));
if(q)location.href=''+escape(q) Lookup
javascript:q=document.getSelection();if(!q)void(q=prompt('Thesaurus Lookup:',''));
IMDB - Title
javascript:q=document.getSelection();if(!q)void(q=prompt('IMDB - Title:',''));
IMDB - Person
javascript:q=document.getSelection();if(!q)void(q=prompt('IMDB - Name:',''));