jon parise // friday, august 23, 2019

ETC Projects ETC
Panda3D A powerful, cross-platform rendering engine
Mo'jox Research into interactive real-time optical motion capture
IAI The Interactive Animatronics Initiative (entertainment robotics)
DJ Sez A "learn to be a DJ" experience for the Jam-O-Drum
Aria A collaborative music experience for the Jam-O-Drum
ARRG A real-time computer-generated panoramic show for the Earth Theater
Virpets A real-time virtual character puppeteering system
PHP Projects PHP
The Horde Project An open source, PHP-based web application suite
PostgreSQL Session Handler A custom PHP session handler for the PostgreSQL database system
PEAR FSM Package Finite State Machine
PEAR Log Package A collection of logging utilities
PEAR Net_SMTP Package An implementation of the SMTP protocol
PiP - Python in PHP An embedded Python extension for PHP
Quote List A simple web-based quote list
Python Projects Python
Starfield A parallax starfield built upon pygame library
Visual Basic Projects
Caching DNS Server A caching DNS server written entirely in Visual Basic
Windows Projects Windows
DirectInput Joystick Wrapper A simple wrapper class for the DirectInput joystick interface
MIDI Input Library A complete library of functions for reading MIDI input
MacOS X / Darwin Projects MacOS X
PortMidi A MacOS X / Darwin port of the PortMidi library
CMU MIDI Toolkit A MacOS X / Darwin port of the CMU MIDI Toolkit
System Software Projects
FreeBSD My FreeBSD stuff
Majordomo My majordomo hacks
Independent Study Projects
Wiretap My independent study in network service monitoring
Geepers My independent study in GPS navigation and mapping
Miscellaneous Projects
BeOS Enlightenment A set of wallpaper mimicking the Enlightenment window manager
Indelible Amp A WinAmp skin I modified for my own use
Telegard BBS Utilities A collection of utilities for the Telegard BBS