jon parise // saturday, january 19, 2019


Geepers is a software package that interacts with Garmin GPS receivers and generates three-dimensional projects of the user's surrounding terrain.

Geepers is still undergoing its initial stages of development, so there's not much here yet. Expect things to evolve over the next couple of months (especially considering this is an independent study project for me).


January 14, 2001
I did some more research on the availability of free online topographic maps. I wasn't able to find any high-resolution maps for the Rochester area, but I found some really good data for Brandreth Lake, which coincides with the majority of my route data.

I also looked into the OpenGL end of things. I have an idea of how the visualization is going to work. Now, I just need to figure out how to code it. Hopefully, I'll have screenshots soon.

January 7, 2001
I wrote a bunch of code last night. I know have a complete autoconf / automake skeleton with some GPS initialization code and a position polling thread. So far, everything is looking good. More to come soon.


All of the Geepers code lives in our local Perforce repository. It can be viewed online here.


  • Garble - a collection of C++ classes for interfacing with Garmin GPS's
  • SDTS Home Page - Spatial Data Transfer Standard information site
  • SDTS++ Home Page - a collection of C++ classes to read SDTS data