jon parise // friday, december 14, 2018

MIDI Input Library for Windows

Microsoft Windows offers a fairly complete set of functions for reading MIDI input from external devices (such as MIDI controller boards or keyboards). However, there is still a lot of work to be done before one can start reading useful values from the MIDI device. And once the MIDI data is read from the device, the MIDI values must be converted into more useful numbers.

This library should handle the bulk of that work for you. It creates a MIDI input device object that is placed in a background listening thread. The inbound data is decoded and placed in an event buffer that can be polled at your convenience.

There is a wealth of good information on programming MIDI applications under Windows on this page, maintained by Jeff Glatt.

The complete source code and Visual C++ 6.0 project are included.

A simple test application is included to demonstrate the library's functionality.

The MIDI Input Library is released under a BSD License.

Current Release:

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