jon parise // saturday, january 19, 2019

PortMidi for MacOS X / Darwin

This is the MacOS X / Darwin port of the PortMidi library from the Carnegie Mellon Computer Music Group. It is based on the Apple CoreAudio framework.

This port was finished in early 2002. At this point, I consider the code base complete. And now that I no longer have access to a Mac or MIDI hardware, I no longer maintain this code. I'm happy to post patches or comments here for others to benefit, though.

Note: It has been reported that you need Developer Tools for MacOS 10.1 from December 2001 in order to build PortMidi.

Current Release:


Ruben Zilibowitz reports that he believes there to be a double-free bug in pmmacosxcm.c on line 560. The fix is to replace:

fullName = endpointName;
fullName = CFStringCreateCopy(NULL, endpointName);