jon parise // friday, december 14, 2018

Telegard Utilities

A long time ago, when I was in high school, I ran a hobby BBS. I experimented with a lot of BBS software – Renegade, iniquity, Synchronet – but eventually settled on Telegard. I started out running the DOS version in a shell environment under OS/2, but I later ran the native OS/2 version (for which I was a beta tester).

Around the same time, I started to learn to program in Pascal. Fortunately, most public BBS software and related utilities were also written in Pascal, and I ended up writing a few small utilities to support my BBS. I released them as freeware (via FidoNet) and ultimately gave away the source code, as well.

I lost my copies of all of this stuff during a hard drive snafu, but, years later, I stumbled on a public archive of BBS utilities and was able to recover the files which you see below.

Telegard Backup

        Telegard Backup vFinal
TGBackup is a complete, automated backup
   utility for use with Telegard 3.0+
    - Includes full Pascal source -
 Freeware from North Star Technologies.

Telegard Finger

          Telegard Finger v1.0
TGFinger is an online 'finger' utility
which allows users to view some simple
  information on their fellow users.
Freeware from North Star Technologies.

Telegard Callers in Portal of Power

Telegard Callers in Portal of Power v1.2
 TelePort imports the last five callers
 from Telegard's Laston.Dat into Portal
 of Power's Last Callers status display
  - Tested with Portal of Power 0.62 -
       (Includes full Pascal source code)
    [Includes Dos and OS/2 versions]
 Freeware from North Star Technologies.

The Telegard Protocol Pack

     The Telegard Protocol Pack
    Release 1.1 - April 13, 1997
  Contains a compilation of .PDF's
for various file transfer protocols.
[CE-XYZ, PDZmodem, HydraCom, Smodem]
    [HS/Link, IceZmodem, Vmodem]
     - Compiled by Jon Parise -

Telegard Sysop Validator

      Telegard Sysop Validator 1.0
  Searches your Version 7 nodelist for
 a new user's name to determine if they
are a listed Sysop.  If a match is made,
 a semaphore file is created for you to
 test for in a script.  Also optionally
 generates a report notice which can be
   mailed to any user on your system.
   - For the new user logon process -
 Freeware from North Star Technologies.