I've since submitted my project for Independent Study credit. The project will be on hold until I get back from Hawaii at the end of the summer and regain the time and interest to advance things from their current state.

I just rolled the 0.1 release. It includes the base Python scripts as well as a simple graphical monitors written in Python/Tk and Java. Screenshots are also available.

There is some basic preliminary documentation available on the documentation page.

I haven't gotten much accomplished over the last couple of weeks. I had other projects to get out of the way instead. I sat down and put together a design diagram, though, and I've cleaned up most of the code I've already written. The core of the system is basically complete.

I've finished the framework for the dispatcher. At the moment, it just cycles through each of the probes at a one-minute interval, but I'll revisit it later on to add further functionality. It looks like that's going to be the best approach for all of the modules.

I've started writing some code for the project. So far, I've only written some pieces of the basic framework, but once they're all in place, I'll begin working on the reporting facilities. These will include a watchdog mechanism that will generate alerts and a set of graphical status monitors.

It looks like I'll be receiving Independent Study credit to work on this project so I figured it would be a good idea to put together a simple web site to document and present the project's progress.