Wiretap is comprised of a number of Python scripts. Thus, you'll need Python installed on your system in order to use Wiretap. You can browse the list of available Python downloads.

You'll also need some basic network utilities, such as ping(8). Consult your system documentation for information on installing and configuring these tools.

Preparing the Distribution

You'll first need to extract the files from the distribution archive. You'll probably want to put all of the files in the distribution off of its own subdirectory (e.g. /usr/local/wiretap). This will keep everything nice and neat.

Environmental Variables

In order for Wiretap to function correctly, you'll need to set the WIRETAP environmental variable to the Wiretap directory (the directory into which you extracted the distribution). For example, if you extracted the distribution into /usr/local/wiretap, you'd use:

    C shell syntax:
    % setenv WIRETAP /usr/local/wiretap

    Bourne shell syntax:
    % set WIRETAP=/usr/local/wiretap; export WIRETAP


Consult the Configuration section of the Manual.